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pitched&Produced stories

My role: Social Media Producer, CBS Mornings

I pitched the story and was hands-on from concept to completion. I did a standard-size and social media formatted video, conducted the interview, and corresponded with the Universal Hip Hop Museum team for photos.


My role: Associate Video Producer, CBS Interactive

I pitched the story for CBSN and connected the author to the booking team.

My role: Associate Video Producer

I pitched the story, wrote the article, and did a standard and social version of a text-to-screen video.

1-on-1 studio shoots

My role: Associate Video Producer, CBS Interactive


I assisted with various 1-on-1 interviews and tosses by setting up and breaking down the set. I corresponded with both our master control and graphics team to confirm images for the backdrop and secure a feed.

I rotated roles between floor manager, production assistant, and robocam as needed.


I also assisted with organizing the equipment room, checking out gear for the documentary department, and working with producers to schedule shoots. 


My role: Social Media Producer, CBS Mornings

I took packages aired on CBS Mornings and edited them into smaller 1-2 min bite-sized videos for social media platforms by focusing on one aspect of the story without changing the original video concept. I also reworked scripts and wrote the copy for the video posts. 

Specific videos that were trending or better suited for our Youtube audience would be made into the standard 1080x1920 size for our CBS Morning Youtube channel.

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